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Koenigsegg Automotive designs and manufactures extreme cars that push all boundaries to the limit. We do not compromise on innovation, function or performance. In fact, our philosophy is to avoid compromises and find synergies between contradicting functions in order to reach or goals. From our perspective nothing is impossible. This open-mindedness and dedication define Koenigsegg and its cars.

Furthermore, we do not compromise when it comes to finding and hiring the best talent of today and tomorrow. Together we work hard, in focused teams that are agile, efficient, and together we focus on excellence. When we fail, we fail fast. We learn from our failures and improve upon them. The pace is fast. Our structure is limited. Innovation and making it work is key. The hard work is stimulating and sometimes exhausting. Given this we expect full commitment and a can do attitude. We are leading by example and are very passionate about building extraordinary.

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This is Mika, Lluc, Alex and Josephine. Read a bit about their stories on how they got to where they are at.

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