We are searching for a fitter / technician to join a station in our final production.

At this station you get the car delivered to you with the front suspension, engine and rear suspension docked on the monocoque.
The work that you and a colleague will perform is the completion of all vehicle systems such as electrical, pneumatic & hydraulic.
Quality control is a big part of the tasks.
You will program, start-up and control all the car’s systems before the car comes to the next station. This requires good knowledge of troubleshooting electrical/mechanical.
The work is done on and around the car, sometimes in tight spaces. Finesse is key.

We expect you to have some kind of technical background and a keen interest in it. Ex. automation technician, mechanic or electrician.

You must take great responsibility for your work, working against deadlines and have many things running at the same time.

Driving license is required.

We are an English-language company with staff from all over the world, so good English skills, in speech and writing are requirements.


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About Koenigsegg Production

The Koenigsegg’s Production Team consists of talented individuals with a never ending pursuit for perfection.
Koenigsegg is committed to hire and develop top talents from across the world for any given discipline.
Our world-class Production Team is a non-conventional lean organization, with high inter-disciplinary skills, operating in a flat organizational structure, with technical contributions at all levels.
You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged. To create and to innovate.
Working at Koenigsegg is not for everyone. You must have a genuine passion for producing delivering the best vehicles in the world.
Without a true passion for being the best, you will find what we’re trying to do difficult.
Koenigsegg is committed to hiring and developing top talent from across the world for any given discipline.